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Manufacturing Process

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One of the greatest manufacturing advantages New Age Industrial employs is an aluminum extrusion press. This gives us control over material size, shape, and quantity. In other words, by controlling the extrusion process, we have unlimited flexibility in product design and durability.

New Age Industrial has hundreds of extrusion dies in stock and the ability to acquire almost any die needed. The extrusion process starts with pure, primary grade aluminum to ensure our products will not rust or corrode. The heated billet is placed into the extrusion press, an extrusion die is set in place, and the extrusion process begins. The 2.8 million pounds of pressure placed on the die makes the aluminum billet flow through the die to create the desired shape.

Once the extrusion cools, it is stretched to straighten the shape and to aid in the process of hardening the aluminum. The stretched shape is then cut, stacked, and put into the aging oven. The aging oven heats the metal to around 360 degrees for about eight hours – this gives the aluminum its temper, or hardness, ensuring the shape for the duration of its lifetime.


Stock length extrusion then moves to the Saw Department where the extruded shape is sawed into the correct length for each specific product. Whether it is a standard part of which we cut hundreds, or a single custom unit, New Age Industrial has the personnel and equipment to handle the job.

Our high-tech, automatic saw will cut precisely, ensuring high quality parts every time. Manual saws are used for the more complex cuts and for custom items. Finished parts from the Saw Department move to the Welding or Fabrication Departments.




Fabrication is responsible for the drilling, bending, and notching of both extrusions and sheet aluminum. New Age Industrial buys sheet aluminum in large coils of various thickness and widths to limit waste and to take advantage of volume buying.

In many of the processes, New Age Industrial uses computer numerical controlled equipment to maintain its high quality standards that are essential during the welding process.





Welding quality and “increased inches of weld per product” are just a few features that set us apart from the competition. Our many fully automated, robotic welders are used for high volume, repetitive welding jobs. These high tech machines ensure a precisely welded joint every time.

Highly skilled welders handle the lower volume and custom items. These additional manual welding stations are critical to our market and manufacturing flexibility.